Team Member Roles:

Captain: Philip Stewart

Sub team Leaders:

Philip Stewart - Project Manager, CAD, and Chassis
Jeremy Green - Drive Train
James Hunt - Assembler of bill of materials, Compiler of rules, Safety Captain Sheriff, Administrative
Ivan Kutyrev - Loading and Collection and Shooting
Faith Chung - Shooting and Chief Chief Delphi
Sam Meyers - Shooting
Sherri Green - Shooting
Jade Stevenson - Administrative
Sam Ojaomo - Website, Administrative

Philip Stewart
Lily Brand
Zach Wilson

Drive Train
Jeremy Green
Anthony Lott
Keshav Dixit
Kevin Chan
Rainor Dale
Sean Adler
Ameer Mohammed
Kyle Iraola

Shooting Group A
Sherri Green
Faith Chung
Sam Meyers
Samuel Moon
Stephen Waak

Shooting Group B
Ivan Kutyrev
Jimmy Rollins
Ameer Mohammed
Ryan Pirtle

Gaurav Luthriia
Alex Moon
Connor Shaffer
Jay Birgi

Jade Stevenson
James Hunt
Sam Ojaomo
Darren Glover

Loading and Collection
Ivan Kutyrev
Louisa Nanan
Soo Seo
Aidan Mucci
Chris Hong

Lead Mentors: Eric Cullings, Reggie Counts, Jeremy Cromer
Software / Coding: Charlie Crews, Eric Newhall, Wayne Oehrli
Mechanical: Colin Weber (balance) Robbie Oehrli (balance), Bobby Nanan (shooting), Laurence Meyers (shooting)
Field component mockups and Pit: Eric Cullings, JJ Pirtle
Electrical: David Desportes, Eric Adler
Non-robot / non-game: Eric Cullings, Jeff Meyers

Everyday Updates

Daily overall update:
Robot went well yesterday, started strong, caught on fire (not kidding!), and ended at the end of the day with rank 25, lets hope all goes well tommorow!!
-Connor S.(Programming)
P.S. Autonomous was fixed!!
It was our final day at the Chesapeake regional playing Rebound rumble! We started out a little rough, but guys we were picked with the first and second team alliance today! I WISH SOMEBODY WOULD OF TOLD ME. Thanks team R.U.S.H (27) and the THUNDER CHICKENS (217) who helped fix our software and electronics problems and had us running. We scored we balanced and we fell over but guys our robot is tough! We had an amazing day, despite our disappointments it was fun being in the FIRST environment. Louisa and Jay were awesome being our URSA MAJOR bear and were really fun to be with. Thanks to all the parents who came out, I hope you had as much fun as we did. We did not win Woodie or Chairman’s, but guys we have time before the D.C Regional! WE CAN DO THIS. Thank you to all the people who stayed and helped bring stuff back to the school. If you didn't we have your name! i look forward to seeing you all Monday at some point!
- Jade S. (Tired Administration Representative)

In today's meeting....the buttons were completed to the best of their ability although they messed up a few. Still wiring the practice chassis today. The programming team is still coding, poor Connor. As of now the shooting team has mounted their system to the chassis and should be testing. On another note the mentor day funds are slim so.....everyone needs to turn in $10 so we can hurry up and show our appreciation to our mentors! We don't want to be last minute. Administrative was able to get more orders for the Friday meal of the competition, if you are attending email me! I adore lots of emails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So captain what else needs to be done?! Do tell administrative what needs to be done so that they can let others know, who also need to know.
-Jade S. (administration)

In today's meeting. What its a surprise we had a meeting? Yeah I was surprised as well. Well one of the motors broke on the shooting system, again. The code is somewhat figured out for ball control...still needs some work. The brake system was worked on by Ivan, and the bumpers are almost completed. We also have begun to compile the list of orders for Friday. Please email Jade A.S.A.P with your order! Also student members have you given in your $10 for the mentor dinner? No? Please do so with urgency. It is important that this collection is complete before this Saturday. Thanks to the Shaffer Family for the epic Taco meal.
-Jade S. (administration)

It is 9:08 and we have bagged and tagged our robot! TODAY IS OUR FINAL DAY WORKING ON THE ROBOT TILL THE COMPETITION! Lets just say we should all be very proud of our hardworking team. The robot can shoot and run on its own so hopefully we should not have as much to do at the competition as we thought we would. We have bagged and tagged our creation and it shall come alive in two weeks! As far as I know, we can shoot, and that can score us plenty of points in the competition. Don't forget about our Mentor Appreciation Dinner and the LAN party on Friday. The LAN party is in two shifts from the first shift 3:00 - 6:00 and 6:30 - 9:30. ALL URSA MAJOR MEMBERS ARE ALLOWED TO ATTEND FOR ASSISTANCE PURPOSES. If students would like to play they must purchase a ticket for either one session, $5, or for two sessions, $10. They will have till Friday to purchase tickets at all lunch shifts. Again thank you team for all the hard work you guys/girls have done! Just because this is the last build day doesn't mean we won't have meetings in the future!! See you all soon!
- Louisa N. (Administration)

The highlight of today's meeting was when Mr.Cromer cracked the glass, I have to say that was funniest thing ever. Today we had an awesome meal provided by the Mohammed family. That chicken rocked my world. Everything is overall getting finished up for Ursa Major. The programmers have been testing out their work, and at some point the robot decided to be friendly with Sherri. Hope your alright darling! The shooting team I believe is still making adjustments to their system. The bumpers are getting close to done as well, the boy who has been working on them has been working hard! Administrative will finalize attendance tomorrow and finally you should of received a letter to take home to your parents for the special March 20th. Its not even a day away, because ship day is tomorrow. We are getting closer and closer to the competition, is everyone excited? The chairman's video has progressed as well. Philip, Robbie, Mr. Cromer and Mr. Cullings all had interviews today. The minions worked hard as well, although we should practice more maturity gentlemen. It was a good day to work on the robot, don't you agree? Anyway good job everyone lets continue the work on Tuesday.
-Jade S. (Administration)

In today's meeting we had our first Open House and all the adorable kids came. Let me just say Mama Lily took them under her wing and the I'm sure the kids were all very happy. We had the opportunity to see Philip drive the robot. A little bit jerky, but otherwise everything is looking really well. We are finally getting our bumpers together thanks to Sam Meyers. I know he was a little stressed today, but I think he'll be okay Thanks for the Pizza from the Lott Family. It was super good! We had the chance to see Atholton's team today, we were able to see where they are at on building their robot, that looked really awesome. I like that they had a female captain, and overall they were very friendly to the Hammond trollers looking for some cables.
- Jade S. (Administrative)

02/17/12- We heard we had no school today and we shouted hooray, and then we found out we had robotics. Psych! We love being here and we only have four days till we have to stop building our robot. It's crunch time and were working later and later every night. Our entire team is working productively, and our robot is working. The Shooting team is trying to get the dumper to work. Isaac audited the code and helped wire sensors. Louisa conducted a survey for a special day we have coming up so make sure your calenders are free on March 20, 2012. Ameer, Sam, and Isaac worked on the cRIO on the robot. Thank you to the Hong family for the meal it was so good!
- Louisa N. (Administrative)

02/15/12- Yesterday we had an amazing poem from Jade for the robot. Today all the good kids started by cleaning up Mr. Petrans vacuum explosion. Next the shooting team got the shooter mounted but are still MILES away from getting it working. We also got the ball transfer from the lift to the shooter working the orange stuff(?) and almost broke our hands getting it on Ivan's rollers.We are currently getting all the wires crimped and almost ready to get the robot running and test the new tipper for the bridge. The new tipper uses the orange rods that we used on the robot in the 2008 season. When we thankfully rolling back over when we rolled over. We again did some more stripping... of wires. We have had pizza for the 3rd day straight this week and Jade is going crazy since she does not like cheese. She also received a small gift that was over sized. She got a giant lighter that was actually quite useful (if you knew the password). Lilly, Louisa, and I played some quality soccer after the carpet got rolled out. We ran out of the normal crimp things and the new ones are much harder to use which really only sucks for me since I am the only one that's here that is slightly good at them. As we are in the 6th week, Lilly is still complaining about Ivan/Cromer's music. Nothing seems to be happening at the moment except for charlie working on code. Everyone else is having a quality conversation as we all wait.
Well Jade told me to make this funny, I don't think I did a very good job seeing as I don't like writing that much but that all from me for right now.

Part 2- I didn't exactly do this at the very end of the meeting so with the tipper and dumper on the robot it looks like an alpaca. So the robots official name is now Pac thanks to Phil's creativity. Ball pick up was okay and the dumping only works consistently when it has the momentum from the middle section or below. The roller belts to get the ball from the loading to the shooter stop the loader from going up any higher so we had to take those off. Also 2 of our team members placed in the STEM fair so that great. Good job to them! okay now hopefully that's it.

Sam Meyers (I'm the Cute Jewish one)

Oh I have uh.... (Blush) a poem for the robot on this red holiday,
Hey Mr. Robot I saw you shooting balls,
It’s why my heart did fall,
I adore your rollers, white and round
I know at this competition I’ll be proud
I like the metal that keeps you strong,
Although that code is sometimes wrong
Forgive my silly poem dedicated to you,
It's the valentine thing, and it’s all true!
-Jfox (me)
Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! Enjoy your chocolates and other sweets! So today, I’m going to be honest and say....I forgot to ask around like I normally do. From my secret ninja observations I saw Faith working hard on the CAD drawing for the tipper. Boy, he looked mucho stressed; I felt like attempting to dance to cheer him up. There was a lot of stripping today by many team members, including myself. Oh hold your horses, don't get outraged so fast, it was wire stripping! Oh and something amazing happened, Isaac came to the meeting and was able to get something working, what it was I don't know. The point is his singing and dance routine that followed was hilarious! Should of seen it, and I thought I couldn't dance. The shooting team is still working on their system and we are trying to lose weight for the robot. Jenny Craig anybody? Try some zumba, but it is difficult to keep up, can we program the robot to some yoga, that’s a great way to shape up and lose weight? Kidding! Anyway I’m a little disappointed that certain people left early without cleaning up! Come on guys, do you share and clean up over there. Thank you to the Green and Adler family for that scrumptious meal, although um Jeremy ate like 6 slices of pizza. Really you think I’m joking but I’m dead serious. So thank you! To you all on single awareness day/ Valentine’s Day have a good night!
-Jade S. (administrative)
P.S. Programming team was able to make the robot drive, control balls, and found out that they need to use more torque to get autobalance to work. According to Isaac "It's a hardware issue". we'll see how it goes.

Sorry for the late update, but in today's meeting programming discovered that the jaguars were not working and that the drive is also not working. If only the programming leader had shown up...cough cough. The shooting team mounted their hinges and all the axles are set up. Thanks to brother Faith the bridge tipper was able to work. All day we were testing the robot, and the brakes were moved aside. Well the boards are almost done...we'll see what the team thinks on the next meeting. Missed the dance party and the wonderfully warm pizza dinner provided by the Shaffers, Thank you. We also got the robot to drive late into wee night hours.We missed you Mr. Cullings. At least I did.........Philip did to.
-Jade S. (administrative)

You know that moment when it starts snowing and you're all like, "Yeah!" well instead it was more like, "You’re LATE! Sit down and stay down!" Anyway I was just a little miffed that it snowed today, the weekend, and not the week when you have these exhausting classes. Anyway to the meeting mobile! In today's meeting, programming dudes were able to get the robot working. The robot soon to be named Jade (jk...but I wish how awesome would that be, Jade the cute girl and Jade the epic robot battle monster!!!RAWR!!!) The Programming team was also able get the robot monster...I mean robot, to drive. Thanks to the specialist we were able to get some imaging done. Also some adorable microprocessors were coded. Also breaking news ISAAC has a new phone...*stewie voice* it’s really cool! The shooting team was able to get the dumping machine finished. The pitching machine is finished cutting down weight and should be finished Monday. They also cut down pieces for the tipper. Well I tip my hat to you drive train team for assisting the shooting team. Good job everyone with clean up today! The pictures look really awesome, except for that one chick that decided to take of her glasses and couldn't see...hence she looks blind in the picture (talking about myself......)
Well I'm off to watch Inuyasha...I mean work on that board. It'll get done!!Cause we are URSA MAJOR!!!!!!!
-Jade S. (administrative)
P.S I can't believe I forgot to thank the Dale family for the taco meal! It was so good I think I went back for thirds...which I worked off later

Don't Panic. At least not right now.... Our robot is almost fully functional! The disk brakes are extremely close to being finished and the shooter has been mounted to the chassis. The programming team has finally flashed those jaguars and were getting the code and wires completed.Our robot weighs 103 lbs without the shooter. Each team is working hard, especially administration! Jade and I hung flyers around the school for the LAN party and trust me when I say that you will see a flyer in every hallway! If you are attending the LAN party, don't mind the tickets saying kinetic instead of KINECT!!! Thank you to the Mohammed family for provided a delicious meal tonight. We would appreciate our parents to look at the meal calender; next week we have the 14th, 15th, and 16th without a meal being provided. Our open house is also around the corner! T-shirts are also in and if you have not recieved one yet and have paid for one, Mr. Cullings will inquire about giving one to you tomorrow morning. Pictures are tomorrow as well. Hopefully there is no severe weather conditions so we can all show our beautiful faces.... oh right, and handsome faces if you must. Mr. Cromer also figured out a new way to interact with us which is interrupting Jade and I in the middle of our sentences -- don't worry, we'll find a way to get him back! And don't forget to get your mothers and wives something nice for Valentine's Day because it's right around the corner. You don't want her thinking you care about robotics more than her!
-Louisa N. (Administrative)

So are you wondering what happened today? Let’s begin by giving you the announcement! Pictures are at 10:30 everyone on Saturday! Please be sure to look nice, do your hair and nails...and makeup...oh wait most of you are guys. Anyway if you have not given Ms. Jade your T-shirt sizes please do tomorrow! Or email me if you know you can't make the Friday meeting!!!!! Anyway Programming was working on the electronics board. I saw something lighting up, so I assume that’s a good thing. The shooting team was able to mount things some more....chuckles...with the pitching machine of course. The shooting team is able to shoot now! So they say, but I’ll have to see with my own eyes, so till I see it....everyone will just believe it. Ivan drilled two holes today that fixed the chassis alignment, while Jeremy drilled too many. Administrative has some t-shirt sizes, finished thank you cards and proposal letters along with updating the stalker journal. Also at the end of the meeting I was really embarrassed, but whatever you hear it was all LIES. Thank you to Zach's adorable family, they are so nice for bringing in an awesomely epic meal. I make no sense. Also, Ivan was installing games on the computer, you do good work Ivan. Good news I had my first lecture from Philip today, now I feel like I’m a member too, but he need to work on his lecturing skills, you can't just talk down to me, no matter how short I am sitting in a chair, height is not a weakness when one is short its a GIFT. I can hide well and get children’s place, and buy children’s tickets at the movies. There are benefits to being short you entire book of them, better yet a trilogy.
-Jade S. (Administrative)

Well let me begin by saying that in today's errand and field trip I learned that Philip is a scary driver. Anyway Programming team and drive train team did nothing, so they say, but I saw them doing some things, they just choose to keep Jade out of the working light.....
On the other hand the shooting team worked on mounting their system and finished soldering ALL of their motors! Yay! They should of finished assembling when I left. The pitching machine is now more compact and that of course is awesome. Smaller is better I would say. The Electronics board was worked on and is close to being done. There was a lot of stripping done today...wire stripping of course along with crimping; sadly no poker was allowed with the stripping. Ivan says his people worked on the side rollers and troubleshooted the Ball Collection system. I wonder how it went. Thank you Mr. Jeff for the meal tonight I am sure it was heaven with all of the glorious cheese and bread. Also thank you the Wilson family for drinks and cupcakes and cookies. And the Iraola Family for their donation today as well!
-Jade S. (Administrative)

So what happened today you might say to yourself? Well it started out a little rough, since some members were trolling, but that okay...wait no it isn't. Anyway the 2nd electronics board was being put together today. It was fun screwing in the bolts........anyway on another note, when Philip, Jeremy, and Sam O. left to play rugby...that when the real adventure began! First we had an epic pizza party provided by the Rollin family, just don't tell anyone I ate two slices more then I should of. Just thank you! The pizza, the music, and dancing robot were what really topped it off. No of course the Robot wasn't dancing, but the shooting team was able to test their system and "WHEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they score!" It was awesome, a little loud but still it was awesome. Programming was working on the other programs for the shooting? Or was it for Ball loading? Anyhow the wench team was tinkering away at the robot. Still the LAN party scheduling is in effect now! Be prepared for vigorous ticket selling! Also the stalker profiles are also starting!
-Jade S. (Administrative)

02/04/12 -
Today our team worked extremely hard! Phil worked on the electronics board and started to put it together. The shooting team worked on the the shooting machine. Chris actually helped by organizing electronics and did some secret spying for the administration team! Issac and the programming team finally accomplish auto-balance today! After three weeks... finally! The bridge tipper has been completed and works with a window motor. Wires were connected, steel was drilled, nicknames were given, screws were bolted, and plenty was accomplished. Oh and Jesse is stalking the team with a camera (chairman's award) and fixed Phil's bike :) We have special meetings coming up so stay in touch! February 18, 2012 is our open house for all ages and everyone is encouraged to attend. Bag and Tag is right around the corner!
-Louisa N. (Administrative)

02/03/12 -
In today's meeting the Rear drive train was finished.The Hubs are finished and all the motors are all done and mounted on ball control. We were missing pieces, but don't worry they were found. The programmers were able to auto- balance the robot for a few seconds before the gyro's broke. (might have messed up on the spelling). Essays are at 80% completion thanks to the black out room....which certain male members thought would be fun to turn the lights on and give the lovely ladies seizures. We didn't appreciate that at all. The front drive system is at 60% completion. Still a long meeting and Ship Day is tomorrow! Good luck everyone. Oh and everyone misses Phil.....except jade, because I'm salty. Thanks for the meal from Zubda's Family I am stuffed!
-Jade S. (Administrative)

The team has actually been extremely productive today, especially for the small amount of people who actually showed up for today's meeting. Drivetrain team has begun to reassembly the practice chassis, and put it together using the 3/8 bearings and bolts in place of hex axles. Hubs with the new disk brake rotor bolt circle have been machined and mounted onto the CIMple boxes, along with drive sprockets. Mecanums with sprockets have been assembled for the rear 2 wheels. Chain tensioners have been put onto the main chassis and reassembled correctly, and the rear left side drive system has been assembled, tested, and works!
-Ivan K. (Ball Team)

Well it’s the ending of the first month in the New Year. We have done well this first half of build season, right? Anyway in today's meeting I observed some epic progress. The dumping team I believe has finished their system and is trying to figure a way to mount it to the robot (which is now going to be taller than me...awkward). The other half of the shooting team is still building I believe, best friend spoke to fast for me to process his information. Ivan’s team, the ball loading system, is completed and he was working on something with motors. The chassis was worked on as well, I saw Louisa drilling some holes today. The girl knows how to drill holes...well. The pirate team, I mean programmers were still working on the code and cleaning it up, along with downloading windows 7. The meal today was by Chipotle and picked up by the Shaffers! I could hear how delicious it was, because the burritos were a good way of course. Thank you Mr. Meyers for setting that up for us we loved it. Nobody will need to eat for the next month....I'm joking. Oh the Woodie flowers and Chairman’s are now going through the editing process. Also Captain Philip would like for members to post in the meeting discussion when you are going to be late or not attend. It would really help. Thanks and till the next meeting!
-Jade S. (administrative)

In today's meeting Mr. Jesse made an appearance and produced rocking ideas for the Chairman's DVD. Its going to rock the boat, for sure. Anyway today Shooting teams split up one half was working on the dunking system shelves and that shooting team is 25% done. Good job! The other half was building the dumper. While the loading team was working on attaching the rollers , along with the entire system and working on making more belts. Programming is still working on auto-balance but its a working progress as they clean up the code. Nothing like cleaning up to brighten ones day. The chassis was worked on, some holes were drilled and the system for attaching and mounting the chassis was worked on. The LAN party tickets were worked on by wonderful joyful Lily. They look really good, even though she messed up on printing, but nobody blames her for that....its all the printer. "Printing is a difficult task" captain Philip said. (yeah sure....we know you mess up printing all the time Philip). Sam, website guru and genius, ( but don't tell him I said that ) put all the pictures on the website, so go check it out! We had a wonderful Popeye's meal provided by the stunning Nanan family! Seriously grubbing down on some the best.
-Jade S. (administrative)

As of 11:20 AM:
The chassis has most of the device to pick up and move balls to the shooter attached - minus most of the motors. The Bill of Materials has now *officially* been started, though quite a few revisions will have to be made to the template from last year before the BOM is finished. *Glares at FIRST, hoping they put up the 2012 template.* The Programming team is still working on the code for balancing the robot.

As of 1:40 PM:
A design team instructed to redesign the shooter such that it does not conflict with any other part of the robot has been working hard and is making great progress - At 2 PM, they agreed on a design and moved on to CAD drawings for it. The Programming team has started a new approach for autobalance.

Thanks to Greene Turtle for providing lunch, and to Charmian M. for picking it up.
-James H. (Administrative)

01/27/12-'s meeting was a flurry of progress and hard work. We had a stern talking form Mr. C , but in truth it was needed. It’s important that every member contributes to the collective effort of the team. Anyway the Programming team was still working on the auto-balance. Shooting team was working hard and if you had been there you would of seen Ivan's loading system look cool like 1950's rock star. The chairman's essay is still be worked on by the tiny committee. Still the epic part of this meeting was the dynamic ASIAN MEAL today provided by the Moon family. I believe Jeremy was on the hunt for the "drink thief" with silly detective skills.Seriously, thank you to the Moon family, please adopt me. Still productive work guys but we still have a lot to do before the end of Saturday! See you all Monday! Oh Jay has left adminstrative and I weep in (clears throat) misery of course.
-Jade S. (administrative)

In today's meeting the shooting team was prototyping Programming is getting closer and closer to auto-balancing. With Rookie Connor Shaffer using his own code! Isaac got the ultra sonic distance sensor working. Overall the big thing is balancing the robot. There is a big meeting on Saturday, and if you cannot attend make a post in the meeting discussion! Administrative would like to know a few things from you, so please visit the TEAM HW page. The meal was TACO BELL tonight and it was like the battery to my stomach. Does that make sense? Anyway the chassis is looking good and the ball loading guys are attaching their system, and it looks awesome Ivan! An administrative member didn't want to leave the meeting today because it was fun in a professional productive way of course. Also....The woodie Flowers and Chairman's Essays were worked on today as well. Want to know who it is for the Woodie Flowers Essay?
-Jade S. (administrative)
P.S. Rough Draft for Woodie Flowers award is completed at 11:00 pm via Administrative. Good night :)

In today's meeting, shooting team was testing their prototype and found the pitching machine was very accurate! The Dumping team finished CADing it up and got ready to make the final one once the parts come in (hopefully tomorrow). Ball control team was working on finishing up their final, and the chassis is ready to be put together! Programming was working on auto-balancing today, and they don't have it yet, but they'll get it soon!
- Sherri G. (Shooting Team)
P.S. Thanks to the Mohammed Family for dinner tonight!

Today has been a very productive day here in the Ursa Major cave! Our programming team tried working on the autonomous code and was not successful but the robot has too much momentum when on the bridge and cannot balance in time. Our chassis team started to work on the chassis today and has some of the body formed. The Drive train team worked with the chassis team and the shooting group to form a prototype of the launcher. While using CAD and simulating the game, the team was highly successful and got the ball to fly quite high into the air! Almost all our mentors were here today to help us and we thank them for spending so much time lending us their skills!
-Louisa N. (Loading Team)
P.S Thanks to On The Border for the taco dinner!

The Programming team has been trying some strategies out, though not much has been successful. Part of the testing of balancing ability on the robot resulted it it crashing (multiple times) into a table next to today's daily updater. Based on some of the chat between the Programming team members, this was thought to be because the robot moves too fast to properly balance. The Chassis team later found that one of the collars popped off of one of the wheels. After this problem was rectified, robot performance dramatically improved (unfortunately, that only applies to the driving, not the balancing, which in its most successful attempt was done manually). In other news, the shooting team has been working hard. At about 11 AM, they had the shooter launching the balls about 5 feet effectively. At 11:30, they were busy revising the shooter, where "revising" means something to the effect of building a bit different of a design. As of 12:30, the new design was functioning and possibly slightly better than the old design. The new design involves two sets of wheels for propulsion of the ball. Also, we received a shipment of useful materials.
-James H. (Administrative)
P.S Thanks to the Green and Adler families for the meal!

The meeting is canceled. The snow is pretty, don't get lost.Have a good Saturday everyone!
-Jade S. (administrative)

It’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Midterms are over, and the week went well for Ursa Major. In today's wonderful meeting the programming team worked on the programming mecanum wheels using Cartesian instead of polar like Philip suggested. It worked! We have accomplished one goal! We have mastered Agility! We have leveled up! Also the programming team was able to work with the Xbox controller. "We think it’s going to auto balance" Philip said. I would hope it would. Ivan's ball collection group learned how not to cut the rollers today. His group worked on the official conveyor belt, building side posts for the ball collection system, yet the team took four hours to do new rollers. Aidan hurt himself on the rollers today. Don't worry he is okay and smiling big. Ivan's team also is planning to order parts for balancing. Shooting team is still prototyping, but so far all is going well. I have seen their work and it’s really cool (I even helped for three seconds!). Drive train team worked on the chassis today and was working hard! Today All freshmen are now working on establishing "Ursa Minor" in the middle and elementary school divisions. Connor Shaffer is in charge of this small team! Good luck buddy! If you have not emailed me your lunch schedules and phone number, then that is not cool. Still the meeting was awesome, but you had to be there to get the real deal! Thank you to Ameer's Family that bread was so good!
-Jade S. (administrative)

In today's meeting the programmers were rocking! They were programming the robot, which now has wheels! The shooting team is ordering parts. Would it be awesome to have a bullet-proof robot? How EPIC! Ivan's group was.....doing stuff as well. (Sorry Ivan). Captain Philip really helped the members of the shooting team today and suggested an ideal solution to the programming team about programming the mecanum wheels. Administrative worked on LAN party flyers. Please check Team HW page! The day was awesome as usual, but why do we not have a supply of lollipops? I'll work on that.
-Jade S. (administrative)

In today's meeting the person for the Woodie flowers award was picked, but it is a secret! The chairman's award was started. The team members who attended this meeting took the FR C test on the competition, and woah a 68% score. We need to read up on the game play rules and expectations for this year’s Rebound Rumble. Captain Philip left early, so no announcements from here besides to work! Please check the Team HW page for a better update! The wheels are still being put on the chassis; the shooting team was working on CAD. Until Mr. Cromer told them not to focus on that, which was my cue to dip on out while they learned what they needed to do. The important thing is they were working! The website guru was fixing the sponsors page, and may I say, thank you to Anne's house of nuts, even thought I did not eat any? Oh and Ivan and Zubda were working on something.....I left them alone (input giggles). Programming team was downloading Netbeans. Administrative was being productive. Still what fun.
-Jade S. (Administrative)

So in today's meeting programming was working on the second set of electronics while the shooting team worked on CAD drawings and ordered parts. The drive train team fixed the chassis in order to fit the new mecanum wheels that came in today! Ivan's team put the rollers on the ball collection system.Yay progress continues. Of course if you have not notified Jade of what meetings you will or will not be attending do so!
-Jade S. (Administrative)

So in the past two meetings we have balanced the robot on the bridge using the xbox kinect, another robot and by itself. Administrative has finally come up with a point system and is still collecting demographics. Overall as a team we have done very much this week. We will be meeting after school during midterm week.WE also have been trying to program the robot to go straight, but it is still a working progress. We had an awesome meal provided by the Hunt family on Friday.There are more extensive reports on each team page.
-Jade S. (Administrative)
So in today's meeting we discussed the importance of Wiki participation, which if your reading this now, good job. A lot of mock up's were done today. We also redid group assignments and positions. Captain Philip discussed a better group clean up after meetings and more team motivation. The Chassis team finished their chassis design. There also are a few people who have not payed their $25 fee for t-shirt. More program training occurred today and a flurry of activity.As a team we worked hard on our goals. Each member I believe had an enjoyable time, the best moments were the time of success. I liked watching the tests for the shooting team and loading team. We also had an awesome subway dinner from the Shaffer family! Thank you my stomach is smiling! Thank you Mentors for your guidance and training today!
-Jade S. (Administrative)

Today we started intensive mock ups of our systems. CADs of each system were finished, and orders were placed for parts for the Ball Control pulley system. The Ball Control Team joined with the Shooter Team to start work on the prototype double roller shooter, and assembled the prototype to a nearly running stage. the Drive train and Chassis teams worked together on getting the practice chassis assembled today, so that the team can put electronics on, and practice driving, the Mecanum chassis on Thursday. Several team members and mentors also did research on Chief Delphi in regards to using the Kinect as a camera on the robot. We found that the processing power required to use the Kinect on the robot was far greater than the cRIO's. The Programming Team also began work on getting the Kinect drivers set up on a laptop to allow for testing the Kinect's functions, and using it to program/practice the Hybrid mode.
-Ivan Kutyrev (Ball Control)

Where to begin? Well in today's meeting (from my view point) we accomplished a lot of CAD drawings and really worked on the final ideas. I think what was really awesome about today, was the help from mentors with training new members. A lot of new member training occurred in the programming team and shooting team. As a team we sat down in talked about professionalism in the team Wiki. Captain Philip really set the law and gave each team member his expectations. We learned that we each need to have a Wiki account and Chief Delphi account. Captain Philip also gave the suggestion, that after each meal we each take time out of the meeting to research on Chief Delphi for 20-30 minutes. There was also a mentor catch up meeting in which each sub team leader explained their ideas for the robot. This mentor meeting ended up turning into more ideas and suggestions. There is a lot to consider for the Shooting, Ball Collection, and Drive Train teams. The Chassis needs to be built by Wednesday and each sub team needs to work on CAD drawings and mock ups. Still one member said to me today that even though she had a trip to go home and pack for, "For once I don't want to go home; I’m actually having a lot of fun." Of course she said this to me smiling and with a crazy happy face, but I agree today’s meeting was not only productive but a whole lot of fun. Not to mention the awesome meal by the Pirtles! Thank you for the meal and mentors for the training!
-Jade S. (Administrative)

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Did you miss the kick off? Check it out, somebody had some notes! (via administrative)

First Robotics Competition Kickoff 01/07/12
(Speaker) Bill Duncan
First 3rd decade
Chesapeake regional 10th anniversary
Our mission is to change the Culture!!
Chesapeake regional (March 8-10, 2012)
Virginia regional (March 15-17, 2012)
34/36 Maryland teams, some from PA, VA
Who was there:
5 rookie teams in Maryland, 1 in PA
Mentors and coaches
Volunteers, Parents, Friends
Chesapeake Regional Planning Committee
First alumni
General Public and Press?

2011 FRC Season Calendar
Jan. 7 kickoff
Jan. 13 back to build mentor dinner (RSVP)
Jan 14 Kit bot build at U-MD college park
Jan. 26 “Thank You Mentor Day”
Feb. 18 MD/DC scrimmage
Feb 21: Ship(bag) Day
March 8-10 Chesapeake regional
March 15-17 Virginia Regional
March 29-31 Dc regional
Apr. 26-28 FIRST championship, ST. Louis (GOAL)

BAA, grouped in 2006 as teams that put together workshops

*FIRST is on twitter, Facebook, YouTube*

FIRST college scholarships(nearly $15million in Scholarships)

Capital College (#2 Scholarships provider in FIRST)
Megan Young
20,000 for being a first member
Jan 28 open house
Dani Sheqrant
Team Fund raising initiatives
FIRST Green e-watt saver(Google)
(Speaker) Jon Dudas
Trial and error-> Balanced
Competition and friendships
Mentor help vs. independence
More than 300,000 kids in the world
George bush
Wait Havenslein
First chairman
Chairmen award
Bill Clinton “shared prosperity”
Dr. Woodie Flowers
Fun, friends, college, STEM, Engineers, Productive
[you team] [ society earth] why FIRST

Speakers on the video and side notes

Muhtar Kent(coca cola)
Dean Kamen(First Founder)
For inspiration recognition science technology (FIRST)
Winners to the white house!!

Gracious Professionalism
Passionate generation
Working hard solving problems
Rich free culture
Bigger mission: Changing Culture!
STEM: appreciate all carts
Dean’s list
Work hard exceptional students
First credits
Donations and vouchers(surveys)
Diamond bullet studio
17 motors can use 22 motors
Microsoft donated a kinect
Ultra sonic sensors
Aneesh chopra(Whitehouse representative of technology)
Alex kipman- Microsoft
General John(NASA)
FIRST is real!
Bill Miller- safety animation contest
Dr. Aiden Browne
Rebound rumble(Basketball)
Dave Lavery
Shane Battuer(Miami Heat)

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  • To Do Before Competition:
    - Make Practice Robot
    - Test Code and Debug
    - Roll Cage
    - Cladding with sponsor logos
    - Get started on pyramid
    - Borrow 2 CIMple boxes
    - Bumpers
    - Design pit, and organize all materials
    - Driver Station
    - Make/obtain spare parts
    - Get bolts
    - Bill of Materials
    - Teach people pit etiquette and how to talk to judges