• Teach Those who want to learn the basics of CAD
  • Begin to clean out and orginize closet.
    • Start with basic orginization
    • Ignore the robot
  • Start quizzing new members and existing members on what susbsystem they would like to be part of.
    • Start planning workshop content and start planning preseason activities
    • Rail Girls
    • Orginization and job descriptions?
    • Get ready for build.
    • Fundraising.

START OF 2014-2015 YEAR

END OF 2013-2014 YEAR

Meeting Objectives


-10:00 Start Meeting
  • Leaders go to desks with your group
  • Talk about field trip to s>Lee's work (Oceanering) on Wed, Dec. 4th (6-8PM)
  • Mention new leaf raking opportunity
  • Parts will be ordered on Monday (hopefully)
  • Inform mentors of what was achieved at last meeting (if necessary)
  • Split into groups and start working
-10:30 - 12:00 Finish as much work as you can
12:00 - 12:30ish
Debrief with all leaders and Mr. Muscato (Mr. Desportes is coming at 4 to be a part of this meeting; he has some stuff he wants to talk to us about)

Objectives for the Teams
Robot Cart
-Sherri and Sam
  • Talk with CAD tea and get them to update the design based on the new height changing plan.
  • Compare CADed Cart to your drawing
    • Figure out the 3 desired heights
  • Find all Parts
  • begin the build process
    • Cut and mount gusset plates
    • measure and cut base plate
    • put togeher top piece
    • mount base plate to base frame
Drive train
-Josh, Jacob, David, Kian, Kyle
  • Continue to put together chassis frame
  • Finish the wheel project from yesterday
  • Try to finish entire build process on Saturday
  • When finished, talk to programming team about testing the drive train
Grate storage and stuff
-Faith, Tony, Daniel, Bryant, Zach
  • Faith will give objective list to Daniel Garvey
    • Set up Mr.Desportes's tent frame
    • take pictures from 3 different angles.
      • Front view
      • Corner view
      • Inside View
    • Write down insturction on how to assemble it. Draw / take pictures if you need to
    • Take measurements. Especially write down how thick the metal of the frame is.
-Rainor, Josh, Cavan, Tristan
  • have the person who worked with Sherri and Sam's group last time update the CAD of robot cart
  • Finish Pneumatic Folder
    • Find a routine method for naming the CAD files for the air cylinders and air tanks, like you did for the raw materials
      • consider the stroke, bore, piston roddiameter, ask a mentor for advice like Mr.nanan or Mr.Desportes
  • Go Through you motor folder in dropbox and change the names of files to fir in this pattern
    • For motors : Motor-Motor Type-Dimension if given (ex: Motor -CIM -2.5")
      • What's a drill motor, bosch drill motor, globe motor, mabuchi motor, and mini bike motor? are they fischerprice, banebot, andymark, or other legal motors
    • The first 6 gearboxes files are fine
    • Add a CAD for a CIM-sim http://www.andymark.com/product-p/am-0932.htm
  • CAD sprockets
  • CAD entire pit
-Nate, Conner, Alex, Matt, Nick, Jeremy
  • Most important thing to get done -decide if you are going to use the program outline, or write it all from scratch (They are using scratch
  • Write the drive train code and have it saved
  • When the drive train finishes, test it
  • Finish up loose ends with contacts
  • Keep schedule in check


2:30- Start meeting
Leaders go to desks with your group
Chipotle Fundraiser reminder
Inform mentors of what was achieved at last meeting (if necessary)
Split into groups and start working
2:30-4:00- Finish as much work you can
No distractions
4:00-4:15- Debrief with all leaders
Objectives for the teams
Robot cart
Sherry & Sam
  • Talk with CAD team and make sure they are doing everything as you planned it.
  • Find all parts that are needed to make new moveable platform.
  • Try to come up with the final idea for the robot cart so you can begin to order materials and actually put it all together.
Josh (won't be there), Jacob, David, Kian, Kyle
  • Get all needed parts
  • 2-550 Sprocket Spacers (AndyMark) am-0651 for a total price of $8
  • Continue putting the engines and cimpleboxes (pardon my misspelling) together.
  • Continue to put together chassis frame
  • Finish the wheel thing you were doing (I'm not entirely sure what it actually is, but kyle should know)
  • Great storage and stuff
Faith, Tony, Daniel, Bryant, Zach
  • Put together donated wire shelving unit.
  • Start adding things and testing how they work
  • Decorations
  • (time permitting) put up Mr. Desportes donated tent thing and take measurements.
-Rainor, Josh, Cavan, Tristan
  • I'm not sure if you finished pneumatics yet, so check on that/ finish it.
  • CAD Sprockets if not done already (I’m not entirely sure what was finished and what wasn’t
- Nate, Conner, Alex, Matt, Cameron, Nick, Jeremy (sorry if I spelled things wrong)
  • Back up all code from the lost laptop of code and dreams.
  • Plan vision tracking system using LabView.
  • Continue troubleshooting
  • Java for Robot
Nate & Conner
  • -teach vision tracking
New kids
  • learn vision tracking program
  • Drivers station things
- Abhi
  • Work with Sherri, Faith, and Tomiwa (I think it was those three) on the business plan.
- Michael
  • Walk around groups and ask for dimensions for pit things and work on a scale drawing:
Faith’s group- Shelf and Table
Sherri’s group- Robot Cart
Drivetrain- battery cart
Programming- Programming nook
Talk to programming about testing dual motor control with the tank drive program. (if not already done)


  • Get robot out and, using new C-RIO, test robot code.
  • Test new tank drive for the drive train group.
  • Troubleshoot
  • Talk to leaders and inform them of the work you did on Friday

  • Look into purchasing all needed matl design

  • serials (if there are parts that we do not own), and begin planning and mock up for the final
  • after you finish everything else, try to solve any battery cart problems it might have.

Robot Cart:
  • Wheel attachment and base plan.
  • CAD new cart idea
  • Come up with the final idea for building (unless this is already done
CAD Group:
  • Keep CADing and adding to the library.
  • CAD robot cart, battery cart, drive train, and box for storage.
  • Contact possible sponsorship for the group.
  • Look for cheap and strong shelving
  • order the craftsman draws thing (maybe not this Saturday, but it needs to be remembered)
  • Build ramp for ramping needs.
  • Once finished with all research, find a final cost for all products, and start working on pit decorations.

Sherri & Sam, Faith & Michael & David
  • research online for parts/materials
  • determine materials needed, cost, and dimensions
  • If you’re designing something, come up with a complete design
  • Finalize Cavan, Josh, and Tristan’s dropbox accounts if needed
  • Make a CAD Library folder in teamursamajor’s dropbox
  • CAD these things (use I Properties, and get the weight values in for all parts)
    • Raw Materials
    • Motors
      • Window Motor left and right (specify which in the name of the file)
        • especially get the mounting holes and the center of the rotating part of the motor right
      • 2.5” CIM
      • look at the rest of the motors we have on the wooden shelf (to the left of the back of the storage room) CAD each type (fisher price, banebot…)
  • This will prob. keep your group busy

Note: Make sure people don’t overengineer and filet everything. it makes constraining things impossible. You may have to explain to them what some of the parts are for.

Josh Lee and Jacob: (Josh isn’t going to be there. Jacob, its on you :)
Hold off on the battery cart. Focus on building the drive train. You have 9 meetings to build one.

Watch “Kitbot on Steroids Instructions - 1114 Simbotics”

  • Visit the website __http://www.simbotics.org/resources/kitbot__
    • Look at the “Bill of Materials” excel doc.
    • Print out the excel sheet and find the parts (prob in the storage room/gray grates)
      • Prob need to print out a couple and split the first 3 categories of materials btwn your group members? (don’t worry about the baseboard for now)
    • Put found parts in a big box/plastic bin if possible
      • Ask Matt for a safe spot to make a pile for your stuff in the storage room start
    • Make a list (prob a google/excel spreadsheet) of the parts that you don’t have.
      • Model the it just like the excel sheet from simbotics
      • Make a note for parts that are on the robot
      • Make a note for parts that need to be bought
  • This is all to prep for building the actual 6 wheel drive train BEFORE build. Good luck.